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Mimar Tahsin ERKAN LTD.Co. was found in 1970 to work on Contractual and engineering business. In 1980 by opening a nail production factory, the company starts a route in industry. As up to now the company continues producing TE-KOR PLAST® brand at Ataturk Industrial Zone in his own property. The company has the production variety on different shape & sizes of boat parts yacht accessories, and hardware hand tools plastic spacers, backing disk pads, rubber hammers, chocks, O rings, SMOKE HOLE & CHIMNEY COVER WITH FILTER for the construction industry and many other plastic & rubber products. he company already a part in maritime industry by producing boat parts & yacht accessories has a new target now by starting production of small crafts & pleasure yachts at Aliaga Industrial Zone facilities which are now under construction.

 Tekor's human resources profile has the outstanding calibre to meet the demands of the customer portfolio which usually consists of leading Contractual and engineering companies as well as the biggest wholesalers. The company’s motto is “customer satisfaction” with the high quality and wide product variety TE-KOR is the only company on the EGEAN region.

  •  Plastic Spacers,
  • Backing Disk Pads,
  • Rubber Hammer & Chocks,
  • Smoke Hole & Chimney Covers,
  • Hardware Tools & Many Other Plastic & Rubber Products.





Address : 10016 sT no:48 Ataturk Industrial Zone IZMIR
Tel : +90 232 328 24 12
Fax : +90 232 328 24 13